Hello Loved Ones,

I am filled with joy that you have come to see me. I am growing so fast. I can't believe my mommy is already 6 months pregnant. So much has changed for me lately. I am over 1 lb, and I love to move around and kick. I figure I need to get it out of my system before it gets  too crowded in here. Right now, I can move about pretty freely; so, I do. What else is new with me... oh, i can hear. So, my mommy is being very careful not to yell when trying to get students into classrooms. My daddy reads and sings to me regularly. He can't carry a tune, but I still love it. Well, gotta run. Mom is getting ready to eat ice cream. My excitement for the sugar rush is building...

I will keep you posted on my progress. Stop by when you can.


Deep Thoughts

by Baby Bean Maguire